We’ve added Website Hosting to our services!

Phoenix Graphix Marketing, Design, and Publishing Services have been providing marketing and communication services since 1988. Please see examples of our work at www.PhoenixGraphix.us.

In order to support businesses in all phases of their growth and marketing needs, we began creating websites in 2011. Often clients came to us with a website that needed updating, and we worked with their existing host. Sometimes, new businesses had purchased their domain and web-hosting package before we’d met them. As a result, we’ve worked with all the popular hosting services, especially the low-cost options that attract purchasers of new domain names.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve received urgent emails from clients whose websites became infected and were amazed to learn their hosting service didn’t take care of viruses or malware. We’ve worked with hosting services that weren’t ideal for WordPress (our preferred platform) or didn’t have accessible support, delaying fixes or leaving us hanging for answers. Many hosting services limit access to the cPanel and other back-end areas making it more difficult or time-consuming to support our clients.

So, we took the bull by the horns. In 2017, we began providing website hosting services. We researched the possibilities and invested in a large cloud package powered by SiteGround: a trusted and reliable cloud hosting service. They provide the backbone and the opportunity, and we provide the experience and oversight.

Phoenix Graphix is located east of Columbus, in Granville, OH. If you’re in the Central Ohio area, we can meet with you in person. If you’re outside of our area, we can Skype, email, or speak with you by phone.

Call Phoenix Graphix Hosting at 740-587-3659 or email us at info@phoenixgraphix.us to get started with a real person-managed website hosting service.

We’ll focus on your website while you focus on your business!